Dear Subscription Data Customer,

As Managing Director of Subscription Data I would like to personally thank you, our customers and developers for your much appreciated custom, support and in many cases friendship over the last 15 years of operation of this business.

I would hope that by this stage in our relationship you will understand that we have been an ardent supporter of the protection of the intellectual property of the sources we carry, and that at the core we are straight-shooters and try to be as fair as possible in our dealings with all. It is in this vein that we are issuing some early warning to you in recognition of the appreciation we have for the business you have granted us over the years.

It has now become apparent, despite no wrong doing on our part, that changes to the data licensing chain that we rely on are occurring. These changes are set to preclude Subscription Data continuing to provide subscription access to key parts of the feeds we currently provide, after the 31st Dec 2015. We have been and will continue to lobby to re-establish access to the data sources we carry, however it would be disingenuous of us to represent the likelihood of this to be good.

We are taking this opportunity to give you as much notice as possible, in the hope that those of you who have developed for our feeds have an opportunity to seek alternative supply. While we would like to have given more notice, this has not been possible due to the amount of notice given to us.

The impact of this change involves all of our product lines including live tote prices, Australian Prices Network (APN) coverage as well as Hotpicks ratings, all of which will cease to be available via Subscription Data feeds after the 31st Dec this year.

Effective immediately, and unless alternative access can be arranged, new customer sign-ups will no longer be available. Existing subscriptions up until 31st of December will be honoured and will work as usual. Renewals that occur between now and 30th Nov 2015 will be on a month-by-month basis only and no products will be renewed that extend past the 31st Dec.

I can assure you that the business is not in any financial stress. If you have a current subscription that extends past 31st Dec 2015, please be assured that you will receive a full refund for the unused portion of your subscription past 31st Dec. This will occur during early December so that you have the remaining portion refunded before services cease. If you find alternative supply and wish to cancel prior to the end of services, any unused portions will be refunded after cancellation.

On behalf of myself, my staff, and my businesses partners, I apologise for any inconvenience that this transition causes. Unfortunately to prevent this occurring has been outside of our control, and we were not privy to, nor involved in, the decision process, nor the determination of the length of notice available.

Thank you again for your custom and support and best wishes for your future.

Andy Leake
Managing Director Subscription Data Pty Ltd

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