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Data Engine Problems 1-1-2011

A new version of the data engine is now available to correct the error which began on 1-1-2011.

A program to automatically update your BettorData Engine is available just follow these steps to update your engine.
  1. If your racing software IS running.
    If you have started your racing software exit out of it by clicking on its X in the top righthand corner of its window.
    Find the icon for your current running data engine in the system tray (little icons in the bottom righthand corner of your screen) and click on it to display the data engine.
        TIP: The engine icon will display "Subscription Data's Bettordata Engine" when you put your mouse pointer on it.
    Click on the Exit button to close the engine (or click on its X in the top righthand corner of its window).

  2. Click here to download the application and save it to your desktop.

  3. After the program has downloaded just double click on it to run it.

  4. The application will search your computer for your current engine, wait until the status line below the white message window says "Scan Complete - Select what you wish to update and then press Next"

  5. Click on the Next button in the bottom righthand corner of the window to update your engine.
Please contact support on 07 55373756 if you have a problem with the update process.

Click here to download engine v2.1.4